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As an experienced and devoted Real Estate Agent, my skill set is to ensure proper solutions and best outcomes. Myradacillo offers the ability to buy, sell and manage your realty properties.

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Myra Dacillo is a true professional and an amazingly hard worker. I would trust her with any project, big or small and I know she will always have my best interest at heart. She is so organized and on top of things, never backs down from a challenge, and best of all, she's a wonderful person too. Literally everything you could ask for in an agent!


Excellent move, Myra Dacillo. This is so you! Perfect. Your clients will be amazed by your service!!


Myra Dacillo puts the client's needs first! She goes above and beyond to make sure everything gets done the right way. Anyone would be lucky to work with her!



Myra Dacillo

Sales Representative

This is Myra Dacillo, your real estate advisor in the world of selling and buying properties. It’s been 7 wonderful years of my life being a Realtor. There is a very famous quote “Work is worship” and I do follow that. I enjoy my work. It’s like sharing my experience to others who really need it when they are going to make a very serious decision of selling or buying their property. To give you the right advice and make question-answer sessions much easier, I expanded my reach through my website and now Youtube channel.

Since 2013, I help sellers as well as buyers to make a fair deal in an average of 10 days for 99% of asking and save their thousands of money. Finding the right property for buyers is quite challenging but I feel it a part of my job and go above and beyond to find a house that is not available in the market yet. From starter homes to family homes, I advise and guide clients across a range of property matters.